A Step-by-Step Guide to Deploying Spring 5.x on Tomcat 10.x

Java Spring Tomcat Deployment Web Development

Learn how to deploy a Spring 5.x application on Tomcat 10.x with this step-by-step guide. This tutorial covers creating a Spring MVC project, configuring the application context, creating a controller class, building the project, and deploying it to Tomcat.

Understanding the @JsonIgnoreProperties({"hibernateLazyInitializer", "handler"}) Annotation

Java Hibernate Serialization Deserialization JsonIgnoreProperties

Learn how to use the @JsonIgnoreProperties annotation in Java to ignore certain properties during serialization or deserialization, specifically the hibernateLazyInitializer and handler properties.

Exploring Jetpack Compose: Writing Components in Java

Jetpack Compose Java Android UI development

Learn how to write Jetpack Compose components in Java. This comprehensive guide covers the necessary steps and provides code examples.

Understanding and Resolving ClassCastException: DispatcherServlet cannot be cast to class jakarta.servlet.Servlet

Java web development ClassCastException DispatcherServlet Servlet

Learn about the ClassCastException error that occurs when casting DispatcherServlet to jakarta.servlet.Servlet in Java web development and how to resolve it.

Understanding the Ignoring of bootstrap.properties by spring-cloud-starter-config

Spring Cloud Bootstrap Properties spring-cloud-starter-config

Learn why the `bootstrap.properties` file might get ignored by the `spring-cloud-starter-config` library and how to override this behavior in Spring Cloud applications.

Solving the Issue of Joda DateTime Type Not Supported by Default

Java Joda DateTime Joda-Time ThreeTen-Extra Date and Time

Learn how to solve the issue of Joda DateTime type not supported by default in Java. Explore solutions using Joda-Time and ThreeTen-Extra libraries.

A Complete Guide to Getting the UTC Timestamp in Java

Java UTC Timestamp java.time Date Timezone System.currentTimeMillis()

Learn different approaches to obtain the UTC timestamp in Java using the java.time package, java.util.Date, or System.currentTimeMillis(). Ensure consistent date and time handling across time zones.

Troubleshooting 'java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: org/springframework/core/NativeDetector' in Java

Java Troubleshooting NoClassDefFoundError Spring Framework

Learn how to troubleshoot the 'java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: org/springframework/core/NativeDetector' error in Java. Explore the possible causes of this error and follow actionable steps to resolve it.

How to Hide styles.xml in Android Studio

Android Studio styles.xml project organization file management

Learn how to hide the styles.xml file in Android Studio to improve project organization and protect sensitive information.

Understanding the 'Cannot deserialize instance of `java.util.ArrayList<java.lang.Object>` out of START_OBJECT token' Error

Java JSON Deserialization ArrayList Error Handling

This comprehensive blog article explains the causes of the 'Cannot deserialize instance of `java.util.ArrayList` out of START_OBJECT token' error in Java. It provides actionable solutions and guidance on resolving the error. Learn how to troubleshoot and overcome this error when deserializing JSON data into `ArrayList` objects.