A Step-by-Step Guide to Deploying Spring 5.x on Tomcat 10.x

Java Spring Tomcat Deployment Web Development

Learn how to deploy a Spring 5.x application on Tomcat 10.x with this step-by-step guide. This tutorial covers creating a Spring MVC project, configuring the application context, creating a controller class, building the project, and deploying it to Tomcat.

Understanding the @JsonIgnoreProperties({"hibernateLazyInitializer", "handler"}) Annotation

Java Hibernate Serialization Deserialization JsonIgnoreProperties

Learn how to use the @JsonIgnoreProperties annotation in Java to ignore certain properties during serialization or deserialization, specifically the hibernateLazyInitializer and handler properties.

Exploring Jetpack Compose: Writing Components in Java

Jetpack Compose Java Android UI development

Learn how to write Jetpack Compose components in Java. This comprehensive guide covers the necessary steps and provides code examples.

Understanding and Resolving ClassCastException: DispatcherServlet cannot be cast to class jakarta.servlet.Servlet

Java web development ClassCastException DispatcherServlet Servlet

Learn about the ClassCastException error that occurs when casting DispatcherServlet to jakarta.servlet.Servlet in Java web development and how to resolve it.

Understanding the Ignoring of bootstrap.properties by spring-cloud-starter-config

Spring Cloud Bootstrap Properties spring-cloud-starter-config

Learn why the `bootstrap.properties` file might get ignored by the `spring-cloud-starter-config` library and how to override this behavior in Spring Cloud applications.

Solving the Issue of Joda DateTime Type Not Supported by Default

Java Joda DateTime Joda-Time ThreeTen-Extra Date and Time

Learn how to solve the issue of Joda DateTime type not supported by default in Java. Explore solutions using Joda-Time and ThreeTen-Extra libraries.

A Complete Guide to Getting the UTC Timestamp in Java

Java UTC Timestamp java.time Date Timezone System.currentTimeMillis()

Learn different approaches to obtain the UTC timestamp in Java using the java.time package, java.util.Date, or System.currentTimeMillis(). Ensure consistent date and time handling across time zones.

Troubleshooting 'java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: org/springframework/core/NativeDetector' in Java

Java Troubleshooting NoClassDefFoundError Spring Framework

Learn how to troubleshoot the 'java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: org/springframework/core/NativeDetector' error in Java. Explore the possible causes of this error and follow actionable steps to resolve it.

How to Hide styles.xml in Android Studio

Android Studio styles.xml project organization file management

Learn how to hide the styles.xml file in Android Studio to improve project organization and protect sensitive information.

Understanding the 'Cannot deserialize instance of `java.util.ArrayList<java.lang.Object>` out of START_OBJECT token' Error

Java JSON Deserialization ArrayList Error Handling

This comprehensive blog article explains the causes of the 'Cannot deserialize instance of `java.util.ArrayList` out of START_OBJECT token' error in Java. It provides actionable solutions and guidance on resolving the error. Learn how to troubleshoot and overcome this error when deserializing JSON data into `ArrayList` objects.

Troubleshooting Tag Mismatch Error in AES/GCM/No Padding Encryptor/Decryptor

AES GCM No Padding Encryption Decryption Tag Mismatch Troubleshooting

This comprehensive troubleshooting guide will help you resolve the tag mismatch error in AES/GCM/No Padding encryptor/decryptor. Learn the causes and follow actionable steps to troubleshoot the error.

How to Set a Value to a Property in Java 15 Record

Java 15 Records Property Value Immutable

Learn how to set a value to a property in Java 15 record. Understand the steps involved and see a complete example with code snippets.

Understanding AES/CBC/PKCS5Padding Encryption: Fixed IV vs. No IV

AES CBC PKCS5Padding encryption IV security

Learn about the difference between using a fixed IV and no IV in AES/CBC/PKCS5Padding encryption. Understand the pros and cons of each approach and the impact on the security of the encryption algorithm.

Troubleshooting 'Unsatisfied dependency for type' error in Quarkus application build

Quarkus Java Dependency Injection Troubleshooting Build Error

Learn how to troubleshoot and fix the 'Unsatisfied dependency for type' error in Quarkus application build. Follow the step-by-step guide and best practices.

A Step-by-Step Guide to Configuring Tomcat SSLHostConfig for Secure Connections

Tomcat SSL SSLHostConfig Secure Connections TLS Step-by-Step Guide

Learn how to configure SSLHostConfig for secure connections in Tomcat with this comprehensive step-by-step guide. SSL/TLS support is crucial for ensuring secure web server connections.

Troubleshooting ClassNotFoundException in JUnit 5 with Eclipse

Java JUnit 5 Eclipse Troubleshooting ClassNotFoundException Testing

Learn how to troubleshoot and fix the ClassNotFoundException error in JUnit 5 when using Eclipse. Follow actionable solutions to resolve missing JUnit libraries, incorrect classpath settings, and incompatible versions.

Troubleshooting Flutter Build Failures: Fixing 'Type 'FlutterTask' property 'assets' is missing an input or output annotation' Error

Flutter Build Failures Troubleshooting Error Handling

Learn how to fix the 'Type 'FlutterTask' property 'assets' is missing an input or output annotation' error in Flutter. Follow this step-by-step guide to troubleshoot build failures.

Troubleshooting Gradle Sync Failed: Unable to Find Valid Certification Path on MacOS

Gradle Android Java SSL Certificates Troubleshooting MacOS

Learn how to troubleshoot the 'Gradle sync failed: unable to find valid certification path' error on MacOS when working with Android projects in Android Studio. Follow step-by-step solutions to resolve the issue and continue with your development.

Sending POST Requests with JSON Body in Java: A Comprehensive Guide

Java HTTP POST Requests JSON Body HttpURLConnection Apache HttpClient OkHttp

Learn how to send POST requests with JSON body in Java using HttpURLConnection, Apache HttpClient, and OkHttp. Step-by-step guide with code examples.

Troubleshooting 'No method found annotated with @Named#value' error in Java

Java Troubleshooting Named Annotation Dependency Injection

Learn how to troubleshoot the 'No method found annotated with @Named#value' error in Java. This comprehensive guide provides step-by-step instructions to resolve the error and prevent it from occurring again.

Troubleshooting 'A failure occurred while executing com.android.build.gradle.internal.tasks.FinalizeBundleTask$BundleToolRunnable' Error

android gradle error handling build process troubleshooting

Learn how to troubleshoot the 'A failure occurred while executing com.android.build.gradle.internal.tasks.FinalizeBundleTask$BundleToolRunnable' error in Android app development. Find out the common causes of the error and follow actionable steps to resolve it.

Handling NonUniqueResultException in Spring Data JPA

Java Spring Data JPA NonUniqueResultException Database Query

Learn how to handle NonUniqueResultException in Spring Data JPA by using different techniques such as getResultList(), refining the query, limiting the result set, and considering the use of getResultStream() method.

A Step-by-Step Guide to Using SSL Certificate with Feign

Java Feign SSL HTTP Security

Learn how to configure and use SSL certificates with Feign, a popular Java library for building HTTP clients. Follow a step-by-step guide to integrate SSL certificates with Feign and ensure secure communication between your application and the server.

Troubleshooting 'No variants found for app' error in Android Studio

Android Studio troubleshooting build configuration Gradle project files variants

Learn how to troubleshoot the 'No variants found for app' error in Android Studio with step-by-step solutions. Verify build configuration, clean and rebuild the project, update Android Studio and Gradle, repair project files, and invalidate cache.

Troubleshooting 'Git is not installed' error on IntelliJ

Java IntelliJ Git Troubleshooting

Learn how to troubleshoot the 'Git is not installed' error on IntelliJ. Follow the step-by-step guide to resolve the issue and continue using Git seamlessly within the IntelliJ IDE.

Mastering the assertThatThrownBy() Method: Checking Fields on Custom Exceptions

Java assertions exceptions testing JUnit AssertJ

Learn how to use the assertThatThrownBy() method from AssertJ library to perform complex assertions on custom exceptions in Java unit tests.

Enhancing RequestBody Descriptions in Java Spring Boot OpenApi 3

Java Spring Boot OpenAPI API Documentation

Learn how to enhance the RequestBody descriptions in Java Spring Boot with OpenAPI 3. Explore annotations and steps to generate more informative and actionable API documentation.

Troubleshooting Issues with Updating Entity Data using Quarkus and PanacheRepository

Quarkus PanacheRepository Java Database Entity Data Troubleshooting

Having trouble updating entity data using Quarkus and PanacheRepository? Read this comprehensive article to troubleshoot and resolve common issues.

Understanding the DateTimeParseException in Java: Resolving 'Text '10-03-2021' could not be parsed at index 0' Error

Java DateTimeParseException Date and Time Error Handling

If you've encountered the error 'Text '10-03-2021' could not be parsed at index 0' while working with date and time in Java, you're not alone. This article explains the DateTimeParseException in Java, its causes, and provides actionable steps to resolve it.

A Complete Guide to Formatting LocalDate to ISO 8601 with T and Z

Java ISO 8601 LocalDate DateTimeFormatter ZonedDateTime LocalDateTime Formatting dates

Learn how to format LocalDate to ISO 8601 with the 'T' and 'Z' characters in Java. Understand different methods using DateTimeFormatter, ZonedDateTime, and LocalDateTime.

Demystifying JWT Decoding with Spring Security

Java Spring Security JWT Authentication Authorization

Learn how to decode JSON Web Tokens (JWTs) using Spring Security. Understand the structure of JWTs, the decoding process, and how Spring Security can help with JWT authentication and extraction. Get started with JWT decoding in your Java application now!

Migrating from jcenter() to alternative repositories in Android Gradle

Android Gradle Dependency management jcenter Maven Central Google Maven repository JitPack

Learn how to migrate from jcenter() to alternative repositories in Android Gradle. Ensure that your Android project can continue to resolve dependencies after the shutdown of jcenter().

Troubleshooting: Bean Not Found Error for BCryptPasswordEncoder in Spring Security

Java Spring Security BCryptPasswordEncoder Bean Not Found Error Troubleshooting

Learn how to troubleshoot the 'Bean Not Found' error for BCryptPasswordEncoder in Spring Security. Understand the causes, follow actionable steps, and fix the error.

Simplifying POJO Generation with OpenAPI Generator and Lombok Annotations

Java POJO Generation OpenAPI Generator Lombok Annotations

Learn how to simplify POJO generation in Java using OpenAPI Generator and Lombok annotations. Generate POJOs effortlessly from OpenAPI Specifications.

Mastering MapStruct: Mapping to Existing Targets

Java MapStruct Mapping Mapper Object Mapping

Learn how to master MapStruct for mapping to existing targets with this comprehensive Java blog article. Configuring MapStruct, performing the mapping, and benefits of mapping to existing targets.

A Step-by-Step Guide to Sending a Simple POST Request from Quarkus/Java

Quarkus Java POST request tutorial

Learn how to send a simple POST request from a Quarkus/Java application. This step-by-step guide covers setting up a Quarkus project, defining the HTTP POST endpoint, sending a POST request, and more.

Understanding io.reactivex.exceptions.UndeliverableException: Handling Canceled/Disposed Exceptions in ReactiveX

ReactiveX RxJava Exception Handling

Learn how to handle the io.reactivex.exceptions.UndeliverableException in ReactiveX. Understand why it occurs and how to set a custom error handler.

Troubleshooting Heroku Deployment Error: 'The same version of this code has already been built'

Heroku deployment troubleshooting build cache Git commit history error handling

Learn how to troubleshoot the 'The same version of this code has already been built' error in Heroku deployment. Clear the build cache and resolve Git commit history conflicts to overcome this error.

Mocking AmazonSQS in Unit Tests: A Step-by-Step Guide to Avoid Making Actual Calls to SQS

Java AmazonSQS unit tests mocking testing software development

Learn how to mock AmazonSQS in unit tests using Mockito. Mocking AmazonSQS allows for faster, cheaper, and more reliable tests without making actual calls to the service.

A Complete Guide to Comparing Two Instants in Java

Java Instant Comparison DateTime

Learn how to compare two `Instant` objects in Java using the `compareTo()`, `isBefore()`, `isAfter()`, and `equals()` methods. This comprehensive guide provides code examples and best practices for comparing `Instant` instances.

Mastering the Art of Recompiling APK Files: A Step-by-Step Guide

Android Development APK Recompiling Modifying Applications Android Studio

Learn how to recompile APK files in this comprehensive step-by-step guide. Master the art of modifying Android applications and creating customized experiences.

Mastering the Art of Incorporating if-else Statements in Reactive Flow

Java Reactive Programming If-Else Statements Best Practices

Learn how to effectively incorporate if-else statements in reactive flow using Java. Understand the benefits and best practices, and see an example.

How to Mock a Static Void Method with Mockito.mockStatic()

Java Mockito Unit Testing Static Methods Void Methods

Learn how to mock a static void method using Mockito.mockStatic(). Follow step-by-step instructions to successfully mock static void methods in your Java unit tests.

Troubleshooting 'FATAL EXCEPTION: Firebase-Messaging-Intent-Handle -- java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError' in Java

Java Firebase Troubleshooting NoClassDefFoundError

Encountering the 'FATAL EXCEPTION: Firebase-Messaging-Intent-Handle -- java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError' error in Java while working with Firebase Messaging? This comprehensive troubleshooting guide provides solutions for resolving this issue.

Efficient Ways to Validate JWT Token Expiry without Throwing Exceptions

JWT token expiry exception handling caching Java

Learn efficient ways to validate JWT token expiry without throwing exceptions. Extract the expiration time, compare with current time, handle token expiry gracefully, and cache the token expiry for better performance.

Troubleshooting Guide: Resolving 'Could not resolve com.google.android.gms:play-services-location:16.+' Error

Android development Google Play Services Dependency resolution Gradle Troubleshooting

Learn how to troubleshoot and resolve the 'Could not resolve com.google.android.gms:play-services-location:16.+' error in Android development. Follow the step-by-step solutions in this comprehensive guide.

Understanding Android 11: Valid Directories for Content://media/external/file

Android 11 valid directories content://media/external/file external files ContentResolver

This blog post provides a comprehensive understanding of the valid directories for the `content://media/external/file` URI in Android 11 and how to use them to access files.

Fixing 'Ensure that you have a dependency on the Kotlin standard library' error in IntelliJ Kotlin project

Kotlin IntelliJ IDEA Error Handling Dependency Management

Learn how to fix the 'Ensure that you have a dependency on the Kotlin standard library' error in your IntelliJ Kotlin project. Step-by-step instructions to resolve the error and get your Kotlin project up and running.

Exploring the javax.validation.constraints.Email Annotation in Spring Boot

Spring Boot Java Validation javax.validation.constraints.Email Bean Validation API

Learn about the @Email annotation in Spring Boot and how it can be used to validate email addresses in Java applications.

Troubleshooting 'java.lang.IllegalStateException: Failed to load ApplicationContext' Test Failure

Java testing troubleshooting Spring

Learn how to troubleshoot the 'java.lang.IllegalStateException: Failed to load ApplicationContext' test failure in Java projects. Follow these steps to resolve the issue and get your tests running smoothly.